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                                                      The Planner                                                  

MAY 27-28, 1998

Des and his friends went to Laguna overnight. Plans were made during this last day of the schoolyear. It was a lot of fun of course, as Des recalls. Other friends, such as Christine Uy, Gilbert Yao, Sandee Lim and myself were unable to join the fun due to personal (family-related) reasons.


Above: Pam, Andy, Janice, Clytie, Cyndy, Shara, Jeff (top), Mikko, Rommel

Below: Des and Pryts


APRIL 4, 1998

Baguio, one of the favorite vacation
spots here in the Philippines. Many
families spend days or weeks at a
time to escape the hot and hectic
life in the city. Here we can see Des
along with his cousins, aunts, uncles
and grandparents. Family ties are
pretty important here in the country
and so extended families make it a
point to spend time together...

Des' family in Baguio

JUNE 11, 1998

Des is taking a trip to Xiamen. Pictures will be uploaded as soon as he comes home!